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Gallery Misr

Booth A6

Cairo, Egypt

Essam Marouf, EML 12, 2019, Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Linen, 194 x 143 cm
Courtesy of Gallery Misr

Gallery Misr is a Modern and Contemporary Art gallery, that has opened to the public in 2011. The gallery is dedicated to promoting the Egyptian art amongEgyptians and abroad through its local exhibitions, Art fairs and International collaborations with other Galleries, Museums and art foundations.

Gallery Misr is founded and directed by Artist Mohammed Talaat the former Director of Palace of Arts in the Cairo Opera House, one of the most important Art platforms in Egypt where all artists aim to exhibit at, Talaat had witnessed carefully the art movement from 2000 to 2011. He had curated Many important art events as (What’s happening now 2007 in Cairo, in Spain 2009, Why Not 2009, Undercurrent Art Sawa Dubai 2010, Human Body 2010).

Gallery Misr is located in the art hub of Egypt (Zamalek) the neighborhood that is loaded with art spaces and galleries.


Adel El Siwi
Amr El Kafrawy
Essam Marouf
Islam Zaher


Adel El Siwi
Ahmed Askalany
Ahmed Morsi
Mahmoud Hamed
Gamal Meleka
Atef Ahmed
Nazli Madkour
Ahmed Nawar
Mostafa El Razzaz
Ahmed Sabry
Ahmed Chiha
Ahmed Talal
Islam Zaher
Amal Kenawy


Mohamed Talaat, Owner

Cairo, Egypt
4 a ibn zinky street from hassan sabry street, zamalek