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Galerie Tanit

BEIRUT, LEBANON / munich, germany

Mojé Assefjah, Lucid, 2015, Painting, 150 x 170 cm

Courtesy: Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Tanit

Galerie Tanit was founded in Munich in 1972 by Naila Kettaneh Kunigk and Stefan Kunigk. In 2007, it opened a space in Beirut with the intention to participate in the cultural and artistic revival of Lebanon. Currently based in Beirut’s vibrant Mar Mikhael district, the gallery supports young Lebanese artists all the while maintaining a lively international program.


Since its beginnings in Lebanon, it encouraged innovation with openness to the diversity of contemporary art, offering new experiences to the public. In the flourishing local art scene, Galerie Tanit provides stimulating encounters with the visual arts to build cultural bridges and open meaningful discussions


Youssef Abdelke, born in 1951, Syrian
Adel Adibin, born in 1973, Iraq
Mojé Assefjah, born in 1970, Iran
Zena Assi, born in 1974, Lebanon
Nevine Bouez, born in 1951, Lebanon
Christian Eckart, born in 1959, Canada
Nabil Nahas, born in 1949, Lebanon
Fadi Yazigi, born in 1966, Syria
Ghassan Zard, born in 1954, Lebanon


Youssef Abdelke
Adel Abidin
Shirin Abu Shaqra
Mojé Assefjah
Adrian Schiess
Abed Al Kadiri
Sonja Braas
Ricardo Brey
Franck Christen
Roy Dib
Fouad Elkoury
Simone Fattal
Chafa Ghaddar
Gilbert Hage
Herbert Hamak
Joan Ill
Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
Urs Luthi
Rania Matar
Randa Mirza





Charlotte Mumm
Serge Najjar
Bongchull Shin
Antonello Ghezzi
David Kramer
Charles Sandison
Catharina Van Eetvelde
Elger Esser
Cynthia Zaven
Kimiko Yoshida
Fadi Yazigi
Stephen Waddell
Zena Assi
Ghassan Zard
Kevork Mourad
Joumana Jamhouri
Nadim Asfar
Nabil Nahas
Tamara Haddad
Szilard Huszank


Naila Kettaneh Kunigk, Owner & Director

Munich, Germany 
Reisingerstrasse 6 rgb

Beirut, Lebanon
East village Building – GF,
Armenia Street – Mar Mikhael