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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Manuel Chavajay, De la serie Saq tak Achik ‘Sin titulo’, 2021, Painting, 140 cm x 200 cm

Courtesy: Galeria Extra

Galería Extra represents Latin American artists whose practice is developed through rigorous long-term investigative processes.


The works and themes featured in our collection directly respond to the necessity of generating dialogue between the public and each of our artists’ specific context. From largely conceptual practices to artwork intrinsically rooted in its place of origin, we work with artists who show a deep interest in their environment and situation. We center both the critical perspectives and individual worldview, and that each artist brings into their practice with the goal of fostering dialogue within the public and the group itself.


In addition to being an exhibition space, we strive to become an investigative center which promotes contemporary artistic thought and practice in the region and its documentation. We seek to act as a meeting point for artistic voices from diverse backgrounds, heritage, and nationalities. Our principal objective is to promote creative dialogue across perspectives, making the most of the intrinsic diversity that characterizes Guatemala and the Central American Region.


Our compromise is to be agents of change in the local art scene through the cultivation and preservation of regional knowledge while simultaneously promoting international artistic conversations in a social, institutional, and commercial level.


We are interested in establishing bridges between the viewer and the context that supports the works, through exhibitions and a public program that includes workshops, lectures, and conferences. As said bridges, we are motivated to be a space for the professional development of artists, while encouraging the local public to develop an appreciation for contemporary art.


A very important mission that we embrace transversally is the accompaniment in the careers of the artists we represent, as well as the role of the space as a generator of tools for the consolidation of their artistic work. We seek to enhance the visibility and expand the work of the artists on an international level.


As for our future projections, we are working on the creation of synergies with institutional initiatives and on a strategic selection of art fairs with an international presence.


Manuel Chavajay, born in 1982, Guatemala


Manuel Chavajay
Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer
Adán Vallecillo
Ana Werren
Jamie Denburg Habie
Andrea Monroy Palacios
Fredy Rangel


Silvia Obiols de Tres, Director

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Ruta 4 7-56 zona 4