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Canvas Gallery

Karachi, Pakistan

Adeela Suleman
Pakistan, 1970

Adeela Suleman, Seduced by a Promise, 2019, Drawing, Dimensions Variable
Courtesy of the Artist and Canvas Gallery

Canvas Gallery

Canvas is recognised as one of the leading art galleries in Pakistan. Founded in 1999 , the gallery is committed to the discovery, support, development and promotion of Pakistani art and artists. Situated in Karachi, the commercial and industrial capital of the country, Canvas Gallery has served to focus on the new art of Pakistan, especially by the modern and contemporary artists. In its attempt to move beyond the mere act of selling or showcasing the art pieces, this gallery concentrates on bringing artists from various parts of the country together , and to encourage young and talented artists. in this course, Canvas Gallery displays works of cutting edge nature and experimental quality – ranging from paintings, sculptures, digital prints to installations and video installations . Due to its high reputation, not only young artists seek to associate with Canvas Gallery, but the well established artists of the country are also showing with Canvas.

Internationally recognised, Canvas Gallery has curated Pakistani art shows in USA , UK, Middle East and Far East.

With two shows a month, Canvas is a stimulating and unique visual arts venue with a constantly changing inventory of approximately 1,000 original works by more than 100 established and emerging Pakistani artists.

For discerning collectors as well as first time buyers, a visit to Canvas is a worthwhile experience. Canvas offers services that range from general advice to searches for particular pieces – to consultations for individuals, businesses or corporations wishing to start or build their collections.


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Adeela Suleman
Amin Gulgee
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Tazeen Qayyum
Wardha Shabbir


The mainstay of Suleman’s artistry explores a series of dichotomies that point to the fragile and fleeting ephemerality of life. By juxtaposing her intricate – initially pastoralized scenes as rendered in the filigree tradition of Islamic art – against the hard, formidable qualities of the stainless-steel medium, Suleman’s sculpture is reminiscent of the precarious nature of the human condition inherent in the flux of societies.
The recurring motifs in Suleman’s work—organic subjects such as birds and flowers—form detailed, repetitive patterns, which are replete with symbolic meaning. Abstracted notions of loss and disappearance quietly resonate through her sculptures. In lieu of tombs, memorials and funerals, the works confront our earthly fears, but remain suggestive of transcendental relief. They may be seen simultaneously as symbolic representations of the coexistence between love of nature and the chaos of man, in addition to the fragmented documentaries referencing recent violent and catastrophic occurrences within the artist’s sociopolitical landscape.
Adeela Suleman studied Sculpture at the Indus Valley School of Art and completed a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Karachi. She is currently the Coordinator of Vasl Artists’ Collective in Karachi, in addition to being Associate Professor and Head of the Fine Art Department at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Suleman has participated extensively with group and solo exhibitions worldwide, including Phantoms of Asia at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, the 2013 Asian Art Biennial at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Hanging Fire – Contemporary Art from Pakistan at The Asia Society, New York; Gallery Rohtas 2, Lahore; Canvas Gallery, Karachi; Aicon Gallery, New York; and, the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy (2008). Reviews and features of work appear in Artforum and the New York Times, among other publications.


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