Atassi Gallery

2015, J20
Damascus, Syria

Elias Zayat, Deluge, The Gods Abandon Palmyra, 2012, Acrylic on Canvas, 375 x 175 cm, Artist and Atassi Gallery

Atassi Gallery was founded in Homs in 1988 and established itself in Damascus in 1993. In addition to exhibiting the works of Syrian and Arab artists from different generations and artistic schools, Atassi Gallery hosts a variety of cultural activities such as lectures, seminars and publications of fine art books.


Elias Zayat


Youssef Abdelki
Ziad Dalloul
Mahmoud Hammad
Adham Ismail
Naim Ismail
Nazem Al Jaafari

Louai Kayyali
Michel Kurche
Ahmad Moualla
Fateh Moudarress
Abdullah Murad
Nassir Shoura


Mouna Atassi, Director

Rawda Street
34159 Damascus
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