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Booth B2
Copenhagen, Denmark

Tomás Saraceno, BD+03 2562 b/M+I, 2018, Metal, iridescent panels, steel thread, polyester rope, fishing line, 87 × 103 × 103 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Andersen’s

Andersen’s originally began as a project space in Linienstrasse in Berlin called Andersen’s Wohnung. Andersen’s Wohnung operated in 1996-1999 as an alternative art space run by Claus Andersen and German artists Thilo Heinzmann and Anselm Reyle. Having made strong connections with many rising German artists, Claus Andersen moved back to his native Copenhagen, and opened a new gallery in April 2005: Andersen’s. Andersen’s is thus based on Claus Andersen’s German connections and started out with artists he worked with in Berlin, i.e. Henrik Olesen, Anselm Reyle, Olafur Eliasson and Tomás Saraceno. Today the gallery represents a variety of emerging and established artists from throughout the world. A common feature for these artists is works and artistic practices that are conceptually rigorous and that participate in a vital dialogue between art and broader socio-cultural currents in contemporary society.


Farshad Farzankia
Kevin Francis Gray
Tomás Saraceno


Alfredo Aceto
Anna Fro Vodder
Jason Dodge
Simon Dybbroe Møller
Olafur Eliasson
Paul Fägerskiöld
Christian Falsnaes
Farshad Farzankia
Max Frintrop
Thilo Heinzmann Ulrik
Absalon Kirkeby
Morten Knudsen

Freddie A. Lerche
Daniel Lergon
Albert Mertz
Landon Metz
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Anselm Reyle
Tomás Saraceno
Shiyuan Liu Henrik
Olesen Anja Schwörer
Katja Strunz Kevin
Francis Gray


Claus Andersen, Owner

Copenhagen, Denmark
Amaliegade 40
Copenhagen 1256
T: +45 53 53 69 29