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Yugen by Martha Fiennes explored the boundaries of a radical new media where art, digital technologies, and film practice fuse together to form new possibilities of creative expression. A select number of Yugen NFTs were minted and dropped in collaboration with Art Dubai.

The artist was in conversation with Oscar nominated writer director Shekhar Kapur on March 13th, 12-1pm at Art Dubai Talks Space.

She brought to the project substantial experience of filmmaking, visual effects and digital media technology, resulting in a pioneering ‘hybrid’ media with an almost fine art sensibility. The hybrid media utilised generative computer coding technologies to enable a continuous, non-predictable, self-selective visual display. The experience was further amplified by a hypnotic music and sound score written exclusively for the work by composer Magnus Fiennes.

Fiennes described her works as ‘visual evocations’. They evolve and mutate slowly while the work itself makes all decisions as to ‘what happens next’. The ‘narrative control’ is therefore relinquished to the computer engine which powers the work. There is no ‘looping’ or repeat play as in traditional film and video, neither are there any hard ‘cuts’ or edits. Each viewing encounter is spontaneous and unique and offers a highly meditative experience – we might even say the work is ‘alive’.

Fiennes’ inaugural work utilising this media, Nativity (2011), has been showcased at the V&A; the National Gallery, London; Sotheby’s London and Paris; the Venice Biennale 2017, and The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yugen was produced by SLOimage, Peter Muggleston and Tendercapital.

Yugen (2018) is a digital, generative, moving-image artwork by Martha Fiennes, film director, writer and artist.

“Martha Fiennes is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and artist. Her multi-layered work is now increasingly informed by technological developments in digital imagery and AI, whilst remaining resolutely the creative expression of a highly gifted filmmaker”.

Fiennes’ latest AI-driven moving-image artwork, Yugen (2018), features the actor Salma Hayek Pinault and will be minted and dropped as NFTs in collaboration with Art Dubai.

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