Kasia Michalski Gallery

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Warsaw, Poland

Daniel Boccato, harkface, 2015, Epoxy, fiberglass, polyurethane coating, 90x106x18cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Kasia Michalski Gallery

The Kasia Michalski Gallery was established in March 2015 in central Warsaw, where it still operates. Since its inception, the gallery’s core mission has been to support the work of contemporary emerging and mid-career international artists of all media. In parallel, the space hosts temporary exhibitions with critically recognized artists. Upon completion of her Master’s degree in Visual Arts Administration at New York University, where her thesis focused on a new business model for art galleries, Kasia Michalski intended to merge traditional gallery practices with an accessible visitor framework. She chose Poland as the gallery location in order to provide an exhibition platform that encourages dialogue between Eastern-European and international art.


Daniel Boccato


Alicja Bielawska
Agnieszka Brzeżańska
Daniel Boccato
Rafał Dominik
Damir Očko
Angelica Teuta


Kasia Barbotin–Larrieu Michalski, Director

Poznanska 16
Warsaw, Poland
T: +48224093307