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Manama, Bahrain

Shakir Hassan Al Said, Untitled, 1983, Mixed Media on paper, 19 x 29 cm, Courtesy of Albareh Art Gallery

Albareh Art Gallery has a longstanding tradition of showing works of established and emerging artists from the MENASA region and the Diaspora. Assembled in special exhibitions, the works explore historical and contemporary themes along with ambitious projects that are intense and innovative. Albareh plays a central role in Bahrain’s cultural landscape and promotion of local, regional and international modern Arab masters to contemporaries through carefully curated exhibitions in the GCC region.


Hanaa Malallah
Shakir Hassan Al Said


Mohammed Omar Khalil
Mehdi Moutashar
Resmi Al Kafaji
Nazar Yahya
Annie Kurkdjian
Abed Al Kadiri
Semaan Khawam
Camille Zakharia
Hamza Bounoua
Jehan Saleh


Hayfa Al Jishi, Director

Manama, Bahrain
336 Adliya, Road 3601
Villa 40
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