Global Art Forum: Swamp is a School?


13_Swamp School. Venetian Soap by Thuy Le, Antonio Moya-Latorre, Shane Reiner-Roth, Indrani Saha. Photo: Norbert Tukaj


Artists and Educators Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas

“Hope and the future for me are not in lawns and cultivated fields, not in towns and cities, but in the impervious and quaking swamps,” wrote Henry David Thoreau of the wetlands. How can the swamp, as a locus of imagination, possibility, and invisible symbiosis between life forms and between humanity and its constructions, foster our thinking today, in order to serve a future of possibility? How can we learn from the swamp to argue for conviviality (living together) and sympoiesis (making together) in imagining the future, and adapting to imminent unknowns?

Time: 4:15-4:45pm

Location: Art Dubai Talks, Mina A’Salam