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VOICE Gallery

Booth D1
Marrakech, Morocco

Salvatore Emblema, Untitled, 1978, Coloured canvas overlaped and de-weaved, 150 x 200 cm
Courtesy of the artist and VOICE gallery

VOICE gallery opened in Marrakech in October 2011. The rea- sons I choose Marrakech are closely connected to my idea of art, what art has to be, what art has to convey. Art must re- flect on the world and speak of now and here, or it is lost. Art is a window on the world, that does not need to fool with the seduction of images. Art only needs an open mind to see and to know how to see. The art work must witness the gravitas against the superficiality of our era, and be for future reference as the history of the instant. Maghreb is living very important revolutions and, as Beuys said, «when I talk of revolution I mean transformation, trans- formation of the life of all men» and this is the context within which art can express itself in its most interesting aspects. Maroc today is a fertile country for art to express itself along these lines and to come out from orien- talist stereotypes that are still present in Arabic art. This growing process will run through cultural exchanges and Mar- rakech has always represented a place of exchange for goods, people and culture, being a port both for the desert and the sea. Voice gallery will give its contribution showing local and internatio- nal, mainly young artists who will come here to make their works and to cooperate and confront each other. The VOICE is, in fact, the basis of a process that extends from the body to the surroun- ding space and becomes a communication and relationship tool, retaining the identity of origin.


Hamdi Attia
M’Barek Bouhchichi
Michele Ciacciofera
Eric van Hove
Savlatore Emblema


Leila Alaoui
Maria José Arjona
Hamdi Attia
Sibylle Baltzer
Bianco Valente
Oli Bonzanigo
M’Barek Bouhchichi
Michele Ciacciofera
Hilario Isola
Julia Krahn
Mariangela Levita
Megumi Matsubara
Mihael Milunovic
Mohamed Mourabiti
Sara Ouhaddou
Btihal Remli
Amadou Sanogo
Barthélémy Toguo
Eric van Hove
Angel Vergara


Rocco Orlacchio, Director
Cassandre Gil, Vice Director

Marrakech, Morocco
366 Z.I. Sidi Ghanem
T: +212 66 209 8055