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Picasso Art Gallery

Cairo, Egypt

Abd El Ghaffar Shedid
Egypt, 1938

Abd El Ghaffar Shedid, Mr, 1964, Mixed Media
90 x 75 cm, Courtesy of the artist

Picasso Art Gallery

Our Journey goes back to 1970 where the founder of Picasso Gallery Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Rahman started his own business of frames. He was one of the pioneers in the frames industry & successfully managed to grow the business becoming a hub for all talents and artists in town to purchase frames from him. Having so much love for frames, he felt urged to look for the art to be added to those frames. So the business shifted from just providing frames to collaborating with special talents and artists from all over Egypt to help and support the art scene and demonstrate the art worth sharing. Given the pivotal role the gallery played in the art industry at that time, the great artist Hussein Bikar named the gallery “Picasso” mirroring the importance of Picasso’s art to all artists worldwide.

In 1996 a new venue was created, choosing The University of Fine Arts as the landmark so that the gallery can be close to the art students & hence able to help all the uprising talents. Since day one, Picasso Gallery has been very selective of the artists they collaborate with to ensure offering the best art quality in town, which drew the attention to the place even further. Ever since its launch, Picasso Gallery kept booming attracting anyone who creates art or appreciates art to become one of the biggest names in the market. Now Picasso has a well-chosen list of artists from different school of thoughts and backgrounds, displaying at the gallery’ halls. Having two exhibit halls currently not only provides artists with more exposure but also allows more artists to join the network.

One of the projects that captured the hearts of many was publishing the art book “Inji, Gazebeya, Taheya” which was the first book to gather three of the major
Egyptian artists out there showcasing their art work and taking readers through their art-life journeys. It is the first of a series to come that only aims at enriching the artistic experience. Building on our mission, we introduce a new creative centre, which will serve as an art school for students who show potential.


Abd El Ghaffar Shedid
Abd El Wahab Morsy
Abdel Aal
Ahmed Nawar
Britt Botrus Ghali
El Dawakhli
Engy Aflaton
Faten El Nawawy
Hend Adnan
Mahmoud Hamed
Tahia Halim
Samir Rafi

Abd El Ghaffar Shedid

Abd El-Ghaffar Shedid was born in 1938 in Cairo where he still lives and works. He has a PhD in Ancient Egyptian Art History from Helwan University, Cairo. He is a Lecturer at the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, founder and head of the Art History Department, and recently has become a Lecturer in Art History and Painting at the American University in Cairo. His paintings are mainly concerned with the visual language and symbols of ancient Egyptian art, which reflect the divinity within the creation of the cosmos.


Nagwa Ibrahim Abd El Rahman, Managing Director

Cairo, Egypt
30 Hassan Assem Zamalek

+202 27367544