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Galería Albarrán Bourdais

Madrid, Spain

Marco Castillo, María Victoria 5, 2021,

Mahogany and rattan,

 204 x 198 cm

Courtesy: Albarrán Bourdais

Galería Albarrán Bourdais opened its doors in 2018 in Madrid. The gallery represents international leading artists of different generations working with a varietyof media. With the opening of the gallery in Madrid (Eva Albarrán ́s hometown), Eva and Christian Bourdais want to offer these artists a gateway to the Spanish and Latin American markets, the vitality of which is indisputable. Not only operating as an exhibit space, Galería Albarrán Bourdais is expanding their art production experience by displaying artworks in unexpected places through collaborations and the use of the Solo Houses site as a place of artistic expression and open-air exhibitions. In 2021 Albarrán Bourdais inaugurated another space on the island of Menorca with a solo exhibition by Christian Boltanski.


Marco Castillo
Cristina Lucas
Iván Argote
Bertrand Lavier
Mathieu Mercier
Adrien Vescovi


Carlos Amorales
Iván Argote
Christian Boltanski
Marco Castillo
Dominique Gonzalez – Foerster
Koo Jeong A
Bertrand Lavier
Cristina Lucas
Angelika Markul
Olivier Mosset
Mathieu Mercier
Fernando Sánchez Castill
Hec’tor Zamora


Eva Albarrán, Co-Founder
Christian Bourdais, Co-Founder

Madrid, SPAIN
Callejón de Jorge Juan 12E