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FILM 2017

Art Dubai Film is a programme of video and film by and about artists. Besides artists’ video shown in the gallery booths, our not-for-profit programme includes a cinema space at the fair each March, featuring programmes created by guest curators and collaborators.

Film Programme

The 2017 film programme was an extension of the non-commercial leg of the fair and presented films by artists and participants who were already involved in the 2017 programme, including Art Dubai Fellowship, Global Art Forum, AGAP and The Room.

Art Dubai Film also included a tribute to Abbas Kiarostami, which was part of Moving Images, a partnership between Dubai International Film Festival, Sharjah Art Foundation and Art Dubai, dedicated to artists’ films and filmmakers’ art in the Arab world.


Art Dubai Cinema

Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Ellen Giffard [Hovde], Christo’s Valley Curtain, 1974, 28 mins

Christo was a 2017 Global Art Forum guest speaker

Sarah Abu Abdallah, The Salad Zone, 2013, 21 mins, 25 secs, Courtesy of the Artist

Sarah Abu Abdallah was one of the Abraaj Group Art Prize 2017 Shortlisted Artists

Panos Aprahamian, Yabandjo (Stranger), 2016, 28 mins, Courtesy of the Artist

Panos Aprahamian was a 2017 Art Dubai Fellow

Bahar Noorizadeh, Wolkaan, 2015, 30 mins, Courtesy of the Artist

Bahar Noorizadeh was a 2017 Art Dubai Fellow

Raed Yassin, Karaoke, 2015, 21 mins 55 secs, Courtesy of the artist and Kalfayan Galleries (Athens-Thessaloniki)

Raed Yassin is part of the Collective Atfal Ahdath, commissioned for The Room

Moving Images: Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami

Introduced by: Mohammed Afkhami and Peter Scarlet

Seifollah Samadian, 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds, 2016, 76 mins 15 secs

Courtesy of Seifollah Samadian, Mohammed Atebbai and Iranian Independents, with special thanks to the Kiarostami Foundation and Meem Gallery.

Abbas Kiarostami, Take Me Home, 2016, 15 mins

Courtesy of the Kiarostami Foundation and Iranian Independents, with special thanks to Meem Gallery.