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Art Dubai Digital

As the art world continues to adapt and evolve in the digital and NFT realms, new communities are emerging, often involving new creators and stakeholders. Dubai is already one of the leading global crypto centres and has taken a forward-facing approach to the integration of blockchain technology into its economic future, providing support to tech communities, traders, builders, and crypto start-ups.

Serving as a bridge between the crypto-and art worlds, Art Dubai’s new digital section will explore the rapidly expanding digital art world, examining the context out of which NFTs, cryptocurrency, video art, and virtual reality have grown since the rise of digital art in the 1980s. Curated by cultural researcher Chris Fussner, the innovative section aims to provide a 360⁰ introduction to this fast-developing landscape through four distinct yet complementary programming strands; a gallery section, a crypto media lab, a series of talks and an educational offering.

To find out more read this exclusive interview with the curator.


A new gallery section will feature several international platforms working with NFTs; contemporary galleries with projects devoted to new media and digital art; galleries that have been working with digital art since its early days; and NFT e-commerce sites and organisations that are turning existing physical art into NFTs.

View the full gallery list here.


An innovative crypto media lab will function as a gathering space for those companies that enable the New Media community to function, including cryptocurrency exchanges, hardware wallets and analytical tools.


A talks programme will take place throughout the week of the fair, creating a platform for dynamic discussions around the digital landscape. These will include the 15th edition of Art Dubai’s celebrated Global Art Forum – entitled ‘This is the Picture‘, and a new series of introductory talks to enable visitors to learn more about the crypto landscape.


An 8-week education programme for artists, Campus Art Dubai, will focus on how artists can produce, sell and utilise NFTs in their practice. To read more about Campus Art Dubai 9.0 Blockchain Edition here.