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The Campus Art Dubai programme is launching a grant to support the artistic practice of their growing alumni. This is a peer-run grant that has been initiated by the CAD 5.0 Core members as they investigated the theme of investment and engagement. The purpose of this grant is to develop autonomous artistic growth in our art community and build a connected and supportive system within the CAD alumni members.

Saba Qizilbash is the recipient of the first Campus Art Dubai Alumni Grant. The grant is supported by Art Dubai and Art Jameel.

As a peer-run grant, it is the responsibility of each year’s CAD members to manage the grant infrastructure. A Selection Committee must be formed each year to review applications and select a CAD Alumni to award. The Selection Committee, comprising of five members from the CAD alumni, will rotate with new members at every edition to preserve fairness and autonomy. This grant can be used for the research/exploration/development/production of a new work or from a pre-existing process/series. The theme, outcome and process are to be proposed by the artist.

This grant seeks to place the power and responsibility of the work, its process, and presentation, in the recipient’s hands, to be facilitated and supported by CAD, Art Dubai & Art Jameel’s network of resources wherever possible.