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Bybit Talks Series





Bybit Talks, an eclectically curated series of conversations presented by the titular and leading cryptocurrency exchange, gave visitors greater understanding about the rapid growth in digital platforms, inviting guest speakers to explain more about the basics of cryptocurrency, digital media and NFT. In particular, the talks addressed the new and crypto media space and discussed some of the ideas and unique cases, formations of social networks have generated. Participants included Tamas Banovich, co-founder of Postmasters; Seth Goldstein, co-founder of Bright Moments and Christina Chua, co-founder of SO-FAR.





Andrés Reisinger and Christina Chua 

In conversation with Andres Reisinger we looked past the media headlines and discussed the importance of NFTs as a technological medium of expression that will continue to change the way we interact with digital content and the world around us.



Anny Shaw, Keith Casadei, Rose Lejeune, Seth Goldstein

This panel explored the possibilities of creating new forms of value for performance, experience, and temporal art and culture through various frameworks created by NFTs through different layers. These layers comprise the technological, the social, and the economic that look to transform how we may continue to shift value creation.


Why do NFT’s Matter?   
Anny Shaw, Igneus Terrenus, Misha Hanin, Skygolpe

How can we come to appreciate NFTs and the technology behind them? Why and how are some NFTs more significant than others? Does the technology behind NFTs matter? What are the current ecosystems supporting the market, industry, and community around NFTs?


Marwan Al Zarouni, Ralf Glabischnig, Melissa Gronlund

Dubai has become synonymous with the world of blockchain technology in recent years as a global capital for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities. We unpacked the underlying strategy and macro forces behind the rise of Dubai as a hub for blockchain technologies and all things crypto. We examine current long-term trends that will continue to generate growth and innovation in the Emirate.



Shumon Basar, Tamas Banovich

The internet and digital media as it stands on decades of innovation. What are some of the critical movements in the field of new media that pre-date the advent of this insane NFT digital media hype cycle? How might we better understand these moments? When was the last time we saw technology create so much of a stir across different disciplines?


Christina Chua, Dima Abdul Kader, Joe Kennedy

App stores and gaming platforms have set a precedent in the purchase of digital goods, whether it be music, in-game items, or applications. The recent NFT boom has ushered in commerce for other forms of creative digital content. As a growing section of the world’s population is born into the internet and its myriad cultures, how do we see that creating more digital and physical spaces come together?



Abdelrahman Alhamadi, Arnav Bavishi, Aysha Al Suwaidi, Renata Morais

The panel explored the myriad of new possibilities that Web3 offers to design education, ranging from applying visual language to the creation of new alphabets, co-designing new DAOs and metaverse spaces, play-to-earn/learn dynamics and NFT-tributes.


Dima Abdul Kader is the co-founder of the online gallery Emergeast built to facilitate recognition and knowledge of Middle Eastern art and culture to inspiring artists and aspiring collectors. As an arts and culture devotee and NFT enthusiast wholly dedicated to the creative domain, Dima has been involved with expanding the gallery’s offering into web3 as well as curating large-scale international corporate collections and bespoke private art consultancy in London. Having studied the dynamics behind art as an investment – Dima mainly finds her energy in creative discourse and expression.


Khaled Al Hurraimel has served as Group CEO of BEEAH Group since 2009. As a futurist, Khaled recognizes sustainability and digitalisation as the twin pillars for a modern economy, which drives his experience as a tech entrepreneur, AI thought leader and in leading the ground-breaking innovations across the Group’s businesses. Khaled is passionate about helping shape the digital economy, founding several technology-based startups including BEDU which has launched several NFT and web3 projects. He is the author of Reimaging Business with AI, published by Wiley in 2020.


Aysha Al Suwaidi is an Emirati designer who has been working on the intersection of human sensibility and computational media. Her work creates highly emotive human-machine experiences and has been showcased in various important exhibitions. Her project “Growing Materials” explored human-machine collaboration and was showcased at  GITEX 2019. Her digital artworks exploring the connection of color and emotions were also showcased at Al Murabba Art Festival in Ajman in 2021. Aysha’s work bridges digital and physical elements to create multisensory and emotive experiences between humans and machines.


Abdelrahman Al hamadi is a multidisciplinary artist & designer whose work is highly conceptual, embracing digital art as a medium for physical & virtual realms of experimentation. His work portrays gateways of diverse human experiences that expand through time & space according to a sophisticated and refined aesthetics.


Tamas Banovich is co-founder Postmasters Gallery, New York . Postmasters is a contemporary art gallery since 1984. Representing cutting edge contemporary artists, working with digital artists since 1991. Launched PostmastersBLOCKCHAIN in 2021, presenting current and historical digital art NFT-s @postmastersgallery @postmastersbc.


Arnav Bavishi is a visual artist whose work explores the realm of perception through the use of parametric art. His project ‘Apeiron’ explores the visual grammar of perception and was exhibited during Dubai Design Week 2021. His project ‘Warden’ questions the relationship between humans and plants and was showcased at Global Grad Show and GITEX 2021.


Keith Casadei joined Bright Moments to focus on generative art NFT markets, DAO tokenomics, and community building in the web3 economy. He helped structure the gallery’s NYC exhibitions of Incomplete Control by Tyler Hobbs, and Reflections by Jeff Davis. Former investment banker, a CFA charterholder, Cornell University B.S. in Applied Economics.


Christina J. Chua is Founder of SO-FAR, a new media collective, NFT marketplace and publication for Web3.0. Prior to founding SO-FAR, she worked at galleries, art fairs and art publications throughout Asia representing a spectrum of emerging to blue-chip contemporary artists from around the world. Christina remains a committed patron of the Singapore arts scene, educator and art dealer through her consultancy and education group, Metis Art. Christina is also Strategic Advisor of innovation consultancy ArtBizTech and a fellow of FWB DAO.


Chris Fussner is a design strategist, cultural laborer and founder of Tropical Futures Institute rooted in Cebu, Philippines. Chris studied Design Strategy and Research at Parsons School of Design and is currently based in Milan/Discord. He is interested in innovation cycles, gaming, collective intelligence and a class at Parsons known as ‘post planetary design’ inspired him into the space of cryptocurrency and NFTs. He is currently the curator of Art Dubai’s Digital section, and is presenting a solo exhibition of Tammy Nguyen at S.E.A. Focus as well as doing general day to day DAO labor.


Ralf Glabischnig is one of the founders of Crypto Oasis. He is an entrepreneur and investor, actively building a worldwide blockchain ecosystem with a focus on Switzerland, the famous “Crypto Valley” and the Middle East, the „Crypto Oasis.” His group is active in three business areas, Management Consulting & IT Services, Venture Capital and Venture Building!


Seth Goldstein, a founding member of Bright Moments, the Venice-based NFT Gallery DAO that opened its physical doors in May 2021. Seth is an early internet pioneer, visionary entrepreneur, successful Angel investor, mentor, and artist himself. He is committed to creating opportunities that harness and leverage technology for everyone. For years, he has successfully built businesses that evolve the way people use technology to improve their lives.


Melissa Gronlund is a writer based in London. In 2022 she founded the Art Writers’ Agency to support critics globally with opportunities and access, mentorship, and fair remuneration. She was previously the art correspondent for The National in Abu Dhabi, and her writing has appeared in the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The New Yorker, Artforum, Art Agenda, and Afterall journal, among other places. She wrote the script for Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s–1980s, the film by the Barjeel Art Foundation accompanying their exhibition of the same name (2020). She is also the author of Contemporary Art and Digital Culture (Routledge, 2016), which explores the relationship of contemporary art to the internet and digital technologies. From 2007–2014 she lectured on contemporary art at Oxford University, the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, and co-edited Afterall, based in London. Originally from New York City, she studied Comparative Literature at Princeton University and Film Aesthetics at Oxford University.


Misha Hanin is a highly experienced technology leader with 30+ years of experience in tech-projects and enterprises. The founder of the DeepDive Technology Group – an international Enterprise Blockchain technology, Cloud & Cybersecurity company. As one of the nearly 500 trained Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) in The World, Misha has been managing technology operations and enterprises over the past 25 years


Joe Kennedy Born out of a desire to disrupt traditional gallery models, Unit London was founded in 2013 by Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt. The team share the mission of supporting the world’s most exciting artists, whilst making their work accessible to the widest possible audience. In 2018, Unit London opened their 6,000 ft gallery space on Hanover Square, in the heart of Mayfair.


Renata Morais is a Web3 researcher and creator whose approach bridges blockchain entrepreneurship and digital art curation. She is presently Associate Professor of Multimedia Design at DIDI, and co-founder of Tapuya DAO, while also contributing to other DAOs such as FWB. Her current creative mission aims to decentralize cultural expression, by connecting and empowering ethnic communities worldwide with Web3 technologies.


Andrés Reisinger (b.1990) is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21C. Originally from Argentina, he now creates carefully curated projects in his studio in Barcelona. His instantly-recognisable dream-like imagery have drawn interest from a plethora of multi-million-dollar collectors, brands and international art galleries alike.


Anny Shaw is a contributing editor for The Art Newspaper, reporting on auctions, art fairs and market news globally since 2011, and is also a regular contributor to the Financial Times. Before that Anny trained as a journalist, working on the news desk at the Daily Mail Online. She has a first-class BA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London.


Igneus Terrenus is the Head of Communications and media spokesperson of Bybit, one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. He is a relentless advocate for transformative innovation and a staunch supporter for progressive regulation on the emerging digital asset class, helping to shed light on Bybit’s pursuit of bringing quality products and a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment to retail and professional clients around the globe.


Skygolpe is one of the leading artists in the Nft space. His work has been exhibited worldwide and his digital editions are sought after by major collectors. Skygolpe’s research is pointing to direct introspection often leaving the spectator with a sense of reflection. His iconic faceless portraits are the result of a unique process that combines physical layers with digital elements.


Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre and member of the Dubai Future Council for Blockchain Technology and the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies. He was recently ranked in the top 100 most influential people in Blockchain in the world in 2022 by Cointelegraph.


Rose Lejeune is an experienced curator and consultant with particular expertise in working with artists whose practices have strong multi-disciplinary, performative, digital, public or social elements. Among other curatorial and teaching roles, she is Director of Performance Exchange, a UK-wide project working to embed performance within collections, and Curator of Delfina Foundation’s Collecting as Practice programme.