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The Voice of Morocco | Exploring Voice Gallery’s Art Dubai presentation

Voice Gallery from Marrakech presents a booth of five artists – all of varying backgrounds – whose practices speak of the convergence of relationships, culture, history and language across the Maghreb region.


Italian artist Michele Ciacciofera, who has travelled extensively across Morocco, uses mixed media pieces to interweave light and colour that speaks of the communities of the country but which also point to the layered nature of its geography. He is also interested in the nature of borders; how they can unite communities rather than divide them.

M’Barek Bouhchichi, Moroccan Pattern #3, 2018, Represented by Voice Gallery

Egyptian artist Hamdi Attia investigates the relationship between cartography and geography. He makes maps of an imaginary world which, through this device, address the arbitrary nature of maps, borders and the modern nation-state. The issue of toponymy (place-naming) is also a pertinent topic in Morocco where the overlap of languages – Arabic, French and Berber – often affects the way a place is labelled.

Cameroonian-raised Belgian conceptual artist Eric Van Hove, who is based in Marrakech and runs his own craft atelier in the city stands at the crossroads of craft, engineering, art and commerce. His work celebrates creativity by making artwork out of machinery and within that he questions the current systems that value automation over that of skilled craftsmanship.

Hamdi Attia, The gulf-reversed, 2018, Represented by Voice Gallery

Moroccan and Marrakech-based M’Barek Bouhchichi uses a minimalist aesthetic to produce pieces also based in local handicrafts, which are also a testament to the cultural history of his homeland. Through his sculptural wall-based pieces, he questions self-identity in a universal context.

The paintings of Italian Salvatore Emblema round out the presentation linking the aesthetics together. Inspired by the colours and shapes of the natural world and using natural pigments on raw canvas, Emblema’s pieces are embodiments of the landscape itself and draw from an architectural standpoint to create the final result.

“Our booth is kind of a summary of what we present in the gallery,” explains Cassandre Gil, the Voice Gallery’s Vice Director. “We show local and international artists who come to Morocco and make works that co-operate and confront each other. These artists belong to different worlds and create a dialogue between cultures and other artistic representations. The different materials create new relationships and influences, so they can be inspired by each other.”

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