Muted Situation #2: Muted Lion Dance by Samson Young


Samson Young, Muted Situation #2: Muted Lion Dance, 2014, instruction score, video. (Production Still) © Samson Young. Image courtesy the artist. Photo Credit: Dennis Man Wing Leung.

Samson Young (Born in Hong Kong, 1979) is an artist primarily working in the medium of sound performance. In his Muted Situation #2: Muted Lion Dance, Young reimagines the traditional Chinese lion dance, whereby performers mimic a lion’s movements to bring luck and fortune. In place of the usual percussive music, the dancers will perform to a soundtrack made of unusual sounds such as the intense breathing of the performers, rattling of the lion costume, and the stomping of the feet. With this, the audience is forced to reimagine the aural experience of watching this dance. Muted Lion Dance is part of larger body of work in which the artist proposes a series of sonic situations.

Time: 5-5:15pm

Location: Johara Foyer, Art Dubai