Bringing the creative and business minded scholars of the art world together, this series of The Abraaj Terrace Talks celebrates the 10th edition of The Abraaj Group Art Prize and explores the influence of independence in India and Pakistan in relation to art.


Outside the Globe

This talk will focus on the possibility of art in the age of globalisation, referencing 70 years of independence in Pakistan and India. The session will address contemporary artists’ interpretations with territorial, cultural, religious and ethnic identities, which have led to the conflicts/concepts of our times and manifested in different forms of visual expression. Drawing from one’s own practices as a maker, curator and writer, the discussion will focus on the future of art, culture and society vis-à-vis a singular location and several locations.


Moderator: Quddus Mirza
Speakers: Fawzia Naqvi, Fareda Khan, Waqas Khan and Muhammad Zeeshan

The Abraaj Group Art Prize: Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Abraaj Group Art Prize Chairperson Dana Farouki in conversation with 2018 Prize winner, Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Curator Myriam Ben Salah.  The panel will explore Abu Hamdan’s unique practice that involves sound investigation and the intersection with politics.  The winning commission expands on Abu Hamdan’s revelatory work by presenting research in yet another new and exciting artistic form.  The panel will explore his robust research-based practice and will present how the project evolved from proposal to final work.


Moderator: Dana Farouki
Speakers: Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Myriam Ben Salah

The Abraaj Group Art Prize: Of Other Spaces

Stemming from French philosopher Michel Foucault’s concept of ‘heterotopia’, Myriam Ben Salah will be in conversation with the shortlisted artists Basma Alsharif and Ali Cherri about their interest in places and spaces that function under non-hegemonic conditions. In the context of Dubai as the physical incarnation of a utopia par excellence, the speakers will discuss their works as well as the way their practices both play with fictions, and challenges the idea of representation. They will tackle their exploration of the fault lines of what we consider ‘reality’, ultimately creating a separate space for the advent of a truth.


Speakers: Basma Alsharif, Ali Cherri and Myriam Ben Salah