Art Dubai attracts a high number of student groups, welcoming more than 1300 UAE and GCC-based students from over 40 schools and universities on specially organised tours each year.

Bespoke Education Guides provide student groups with an overview of the fair and infromation regarding the programme highlights.

Visiting the fair

All students visiting the fair enjoy free access upon showing a valid school/university ID during the public days of the fair.

Information and gallery halls etiquette

• Please deter your students from touching any artworks in the gallery halls
• No running or shouting allowed in the gallery halls
• No eating or drinking allowed in the gallery halls
• No leaning against walls or plinths
• Please make sure all mobiles are kept on silent mode in the gallery halls
• Photography without a flash is permitted in general unless otherwise stated (except during the Ladies Preview)
• Common areas for group discussions and sketching are available at the fair. Groups are asked to remain no longer than 15 minutes in front of any artwork and be prepared to move on if asked by Art Dubai representatives to avoid congestion
• Food vendors and prayer rooms are available on-site. The premises are wheelchair accessible

Health and safety

Art Dubai takes place in Madinat Jumeirah and abides by the health and safety regulations imposed by Jumeirah Group Hotels following legislation of the Local Authority.