Lakum Artspace

Booth R3
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Faris Alosaimi
Born in 1991 in Riyadh
Lives and works in Riyadh

Faris Alosaimi, Untitled, Courtesy of Lakum Gallery

Faris Alosaimi, born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 27 Jul 1991, a self-taught artist. Using life as his main source of inspiration. “The challenges and obstacles that I encountered in life, motivated me and I have learned that perseverance is the key to reach any goal. It doesn’t matter what way I have taken to achieve a certain task as long as I fulfill it. I am always open to trying and applying new strategies to build new perspectives and techniques. Every day holds a new adventure and a new story to paint on my canvas.”

Lakum Artspace is a multi-functional contemporary platform, educational and creative hub, library, shop and coffeehouse located in the heart of Riyadh. Dedicated to nurturing emerging and established contemporary artists and designers from Saudi Arabia, the MENA region and internationally.


Neama Al-Sudairi, Director

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3685 Orouba Road
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