Art Dubai Residents

For its 12th edition, Art Dubai introduces a new gallery programme dedicated to solo presentations from invited galleries whose artists will take part in a 4-8 week residency. The programme will take place in the UAE and encourages artists to immerse themselves in the local art scene to create a body of work which merges their distinct artistic practice with their surroundings. The final works will be on show in the new section of the fair, presented by the artists’ respective galleries.

Residents 2018 will present an intimate selection of 11 solo gallery presentations by artists from around the world working across all media. The galleries in this section will be presented in a special exhibition between the two Contemporary gallery halls. The programme aims to support artists by providing a platform to develop their practice and create new work inspired and influenced by their stay in the UAE. Framed within a unique geographical and cultural context, Residents further aims to facilitate exchange and dialogue between artists, local communities and the broader cultural landscape.

The inaugural edition of Residents will be accompanied by a range of public events and open studios, hosted by the residency spaces, giving the public an opportunity to interact with the artists and follow the production of their works up until their presentation at Art Dubai 2018. The programme will conclude with a round-table discussion, including representatives from each of the residency spaces as well as the artists.

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1x1 2

1×1 Gallery | Dubai

Poonam Jain
Bangalore, 1989
Lives and works in Bombay


Erti Gallery | Tbilisi

Tato Akhalkatsishvili
Tbilisi, 1979
Lives and works in Tbilisi

zohra 2

Mariane Ibrahim Gallery | Seattle

Zohra Opoku
Altdöbern, 1976
Lives and works in Accra

Farshad Farzankia I Blackboard I 2017 I Acrylic and oil stick on canvas I 210 x 210 cm I 82 x 82 in

Galerie Kornfeld |Berlin

Farshad Farzankia
Tehran, 1980
Lives and work in Copenhagen


Lakum Artspace | Riyadh

Faris Alosaimi
Riyadh, 1991
Lives and works in Riyadh

Yasuaki Onishi small

The Mine | Dubai

Yasuaki Onishi
Osaka, 1979
Lives and works in Osaka


Öktem & Aykut |Istanbul

Jennifer İpekel
Istanbul, 1988
Lives and works in Istanbul

Iabadiou Piko, Jiwa Jiwa Dibawah Awan Hitam, 2016, Acrylic, bitumen, spray paint, colour pencil on canvas, Courtesy Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin-Orbital Dago, Bandung

Orbital Dago | Bandung

Iabadiou Piko
Prabumulih, 1984
Lives and works in Yogyakarta

José Lerma, Untitled (Eyes) 2014, Courtesy of the artist and Roberto Paradise


José Lerma
Seville, 1971
Lives and works in Chicago, IL, USA


The Rooster Gallery | Vilnius

Kristina Alisauskaite
Vilnius, 1984
Lives and works in Vilnius


Tyburn Gallery | London

Victor Ehikhamenor  
Udomi-Uwessan, Edo State, 1970
Lives and works between Lagos and Maryland


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Saturday, March 10



in5 will hold an open studio on Saturday, March 10, from 12:00-16:30pm, offering the public the opportunity to meet the artists, see their work in progress and learn more about their practice by engaging with them directly. To find out more, visit

Below you may find a brief summary of the artists’ body of work and themes, as well as what they expect to show during their time spent in Dubai.


«IS YOUR BODY A HEAVEN» is the artist’s latest series of works on which he intends to continue working during his residency in Dubai. The series is comprised of large-scale canvases, depicting different colors, organisms of our universe and underlining advantages or disadvantages of our living planet. Put together through personal memories and historical research rather than precise depictions of a geographical location, Tato’s landscapes act as a metaphor for the psychological conditions of our time.


How do memories from our childhood and our perception of the everyday change over time? Looking to Jean Michel Basquiat as his hero and to the language of Neo-Expressionism in his large iconic paintings, Farshad Farzankia remixes references from the 80’s to today to tell powerful narratives of migration and power relations in his works. During his residency in Dubai, the artist will further explore the use of everyday objects revolving around memories of his childhood such as icons, commemorating important ideals which he embraces.


Visual art is one of the few ways a people’s history can never be obliterated. In his work, Victor Ehikhamenor draws from his personal experience of how much he has learnt about his past ancestors through the works they produced more than what the written history that is not based on any art reference can ever teach him. This is a universal phenomenon, because most races have been able to keep their essence from generation to generation through the history of their art. The artist looks at aboriginal art as well as Islamic writing and explores how these are visually related to his own mark making, however different their actual meanings may be.


For the presentation at Art Dubai 2018, Onishi will peel back the codified processes behind his environments and photographic works, as well as premier a brand new sculpture, conceived for Art Dubai 2018. Taking inspiration from Dubai, he will draw on the dual nature of the production and waste cycle of a modern society, which he does by fusing found materials and glue to form a nexus of invisible coordinates for the bodies of waste that accumulate as vast dead zones, or preserved trash mountains, and re-imagine them as the counter-memorials of a city’s history.


Poonam Jain is interested in pedagogy and architecture. Both as spaces that we occupy and dwell in. Language, numbers, home and equations formed between them. Alphabets and numbers are the first lessons taught in school, which then becomes the lens through which the world is viewed. Counting as a religious act, political, domestic, economic act. Within his works, he constantly merges these notions to understand the micro narratives formed by the language of numbers. Measuring and counting as act of power and/or hope. Also, focusing on the tools used to do this: chanting mala, rulers, votes, protests, vending machines, bank slip notes, currency, books, shopping and statistics.

Sunday, March 11


ZOHRA OPOKU: From Paper to Fabric. Introduction to Screen-Printing

Instructor: Zohra Opoku
Location: Tashkeel, St. 5 and 20, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai
Age Group: 16+

With a keen and disciplined eye for textile and design, Zohra employs installation, sculpture and photography at the helm of her practice. During this workshop, participants will work with Zohra on their own textiles, exploring her process of screen-printing on to fabric. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn the basics of creating and exposing a screen using either found imagery or a chosen photo, transferring this image on to fabric.


JENNIFER IPEKEL: Languages of Flowers. A Botanical Workshop

Instructor: Jennifer Ipekel
Location: Tashkeel, St. 5 and 20, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai
Age Group: 16+

In an era of unprecedented technological innovation, we can often forget the connection we hold to nature. During this workshop, participants will be asked to think about time, exploring the secret language of nature in an animalistic perspective. Using the work of Karl Blossfeldt’s magnified photographs of plant life as a tool to study forms in nature. How do we consider these shapes and how do we interact with these structures to build our perception. The workshop will enable participants to view plants and the nature around us in a different capacity as well as provide a sound demonstration using an interactive electronic device that reads electrical variations and records impulses and reactions when attached to leaves or roots.

Monday, March 12


Open Studio Day  
Offering the public the opportunity to meet the artists, see their work in progress and learn more about their practice by engaging with them directly.

Wednesday, February 21


IABADIOU PIKO: Art Dubai Series: Painting

Instructor: Iabadiou Piko
Location: Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi
Age Group: 16+
Price: AED 40

Lead by visiting artist Iabadiou Piko, this is a painting workshop which begins with a meditation, an exploration into the things (the people, places, sights) which move you personally. It then takes you through from freehand sketching to materials as well as construction and techniques, ending with uninterrupted painting.

Tuesday, March 13


Open Studio Day  
Offering the public the opportunity to meet the artists, see their work in progress and learn more about their practice by engaging with them directly.

Wednesday, March 14


KRISTINA ALSAUSKAITE: Art Dubai Series: The Art Of Collage

Instructor: Kristina Alsauskaite
Location: Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi
Age Group: 16+
Price: AED 40

Lead by visiting artist Kristina Alsauskaite, the Art of Collage is a workshop in the art of collaging and acrylic painting. Using photocopies, old magazines, acrylic colours, brushes, sponges, stamps, coloured paper, dried plants and canvas as a basis, participants will be introduced to different artistic techniques. Each participant will be encouraged to create their own ‘Universe’ by using the materials provided.

Saturday, March 24


RESIDENTS 2018: Creative Processes and Bonding Experiences in the UAE

Speakers: Rekha Setpal, Head of Programmes and Partnerships at in5; Faisal Al Hassan, Public Programmes Manager at Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation (Warehouse421); Tamsin Wildy, Studio Manager at Tashkeel, and Residents 2018 artists, hosted by Pablo del Val, Artistic Director, Art Dubai

Location: Global Art Forum Tent, Fort Island, Madinat Jumeirah
Age Group: All ages welcome

A round-table discussion including visual presentations by Residents artists, during which they will discuss their experience at the residency space. The discussion will touch upon the residency supporters and the artists will be asked to share their experience during the program and their experience in Dubai/the process of making their work and how Dubai has inspired them throughout the residency.