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Hong Kong

Miya Ando, Indigo Line, 2015, Pigment and urethane on aluminum, 122x122cm, Courtesy of the Artist Ando and Sundaram Tagore

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is devoted to examining the exchange of ideas between Western and non-Western cultures. The gallery focuses on developing exhibitions and hosting not-for-profit events that encourage spiritual, social and aesthetic dialogues. In a world where communication is instant and cultures are colliding and melding as never before, its goal is to provide venues for art that transcend boundaries of all sorts. With alliances across the globe, the gallery’s interest in cross-cultural exchange extends beyond the visual arts into many other disciplines, including poetry, literature, performance art, film and music.


Miya Ando
Zheng Lu
Hiroshi Senju


Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan
Edward Burtynsky
Kamolpan Chotvichai
Tom Doyle
Golnaz Fathi
Kim Joon
Jane Lee
Annie Leibovitz
Tayeba Lipi

Ricardo Mazal
Steve McCurry
Robert Polidori
Sohan Qadri
Sebastião Salgado
Donald Sultan
Susan Weil
Chun Kwang Young


Sundaram Tagore, Director

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