Selma Feriani Gallery

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Tunis, Tunisia
London, UK

Pascal Hachem, Confidential, 2016, Paper envelopes and objects, Variable, Courtesy of the Artist and Selma Feriani Gallery

Selma Feriani Gallery was established during early 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia and represents emerging and mid-career artists from the MENA region and the globe. Over the years, the gallery has set up critically and publicly successful solo and group shows as well as staged public interventions internationally. Selma Feriani Gallery aims to discover exceptional young artists and moreover support their career development over the long term run. The gallery is a cultural, dynamic space where artists and their body of work can be discovered, investigated, nurtured and then placed.


Pascal Hachem
Yazid Oulab


Armen Agop
Ziad Antar
Ismaïl Bahri
Amel Bennys
Nidhal Chamekh
Elena Damiani
Ali Kazim
Farah Khelil

Nicène Kossentini
Maha Malluh
Eva Nielsen
Lina Ben Rejeb
Massinissa Selmani
Catalina Swinburn


Selma Feriani, Director

8 Place Sidi Hassine
Tunis, Tunisia
T: +21 67 174 4883
M: +44 77 861 14477
F: +44 20 740 21162