Plutschow Gallery

Zurich, Switzerland

Saint Clair Cemin, Project for the Headquarters of a Bank II, 2017, Stainless steel , Ed 1/5 (5 + AP), Courtesy of Plutschow Gallery

Plutschow Gallery was founded in December 2013 and since then offers an international program of contemporary art with a major focus on conceptual art. Through various media such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video, the artists of the gallery teach us new ways of seeing and thinking.


Saint Clair Cemin


assume vivid astro focus
Riccardo Beretta
Hans Broek
David Casini
Luciano Castelli
MIltos Manetas
Raul Mourão

Marta Pierobon
Zineb Sedira
Gal Weinstein
Peter Wüthrich
Saint Clair Cemin
Braco Dimitrijević


Roman Plutschow, Director

Zürich, Switzerland
Waldmannstrasse 6
T: +41 43 268 57 43