Pechersky Gallery

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Moscow, Russia

Danila Tkachenko, Lost Horizon. Model of the first artificial satellite of Earth, 2016, Photograph, 120x120cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Pechersky Gallery

Pechersky Gallery was founded by the collector and curator Marina Pecherskaya in 2011. Representation of the artists of the post-soviet context was chosen as the definitive feature of the gallery (collective show of the Romanian artists, the Ukrainian artists etc.). Pechersky gallery often transcends the boundaries of the common gallery exhibition activities and develops projects in the public art sphere. The gallery’s main aim is to reform the perception of the Russian art at the international art scene and represent the most cutting-edge and outstanding work of contemporary art in and beyond Russia.


Evgeny Antufiev
Rachel Lee Hovnanian
Danila Tkachenko


Maria Agureeva
Evgeny Dedov
Kirill Garshin
Valery Koshlyakov
Egor Kraft
Tim Parchikov
Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich
Roman Sakin
Haim Sokol


Anna Luneva, Director
Marina Pecherskaya, Director

4th Syromyatnichesky Lane 1/6
CCA Winzavod
Moscow, Russian Federation
T: +7 495 280 07 72