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London, UK

Olivia Fraser, Lotus Eyes, 2016, Stone pigment and Arabic gum and gold leaf on handmade Sanganer paper, 55.8×111.7cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Grosvenor Gallery

Grosvenor Gallery was founded in London 1960 by the American sociologist and writer Eric Estorick. During the 60s and 70s the gallery exhibited some of the major European artists of the time, some for the first time in London such as Magritte, Picasso, Sironi, Chagall and Lissitzky. For the last 15 years the gallery has focused on paintings and sculpture from South Asia, predominantly works by the Bombay Progressive Artist’s Group, namely FN Souza, MF Husain and SH Raza.


Olivia Fraser


Rasheed Araeen
Dhruva Mistry
Syed Haider Raza
Syed Sadequain
Francis Newton Souza


Conor Macklin, Director
Charles Moore, Director

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