Istanbul, Turkey

Elif Uras, Venus Niche, 2016, Underglaze painted stonepaste, 179 x 29.5 x 59 cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Galerist

Founded in 2001, GALERIST is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then the gallery has established a reputation for nurturing the careers of outstanding Turkish contemporary artists and introducing their work to a global audience whilst simultaneously bringing some of the best and most challenging international, contemporary art to Istanbul. The gallery continues to pursue a creative direction that balances the emerging and the established and national and international artists – with the constant aim of presenting and supporting outstanding contemporary visual art practices.


Elif Uras


Arik Levy
Ayca Telgeren
Burcu Yagcioglu
Elif Uras
Gavin Turk
Hussein Chalayan
İdil İlkin
Kendell Geers
Nil Yalter
Pinar Yolacan
Rasim Aksan
Semiha Berksoy
Serkan Ozkaya
Seza Paker
Yusuf Sevincli
Youssef Nabil


Doris Benhalegua Karako, Director

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