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Berlin, Germany

Iman Issa, Heritage Studies, 2016, Exhibition view at Carlier | Gebauer, Courtesy of the Artist and Carlier | Gebauer

Founded in 1991 by Ulrich Gebauer and co-directed with Marie-Blanche Carlier since 1997, carlier | gebauer promotes international contemporary art. The program reveals an affinity towards aesthetic and conceptual research in the fields of installation and of the image through the medium of film, photography, painting and drawing. The gallery represents a unique and strong constellation of international contemporary artists, such as Julie Mehretu, Mark Wallinger, Iman Issa, Guillaume Leblon, Paul Pfeiffer and Laure Prouvost, which gives the gallery a characteristically independent profile in the contemporary art world.


Nestor Sanmiguel Diest
Michel François
Iman Issa
Tarik Kiswanson


Sara Barker
Sebastian Diaz Morales
A K Dolven
Paul Graham
Asta Gröting
Dor Guez
Tomasz Kowalski
Marcellvs L.
Guillaume Leblon
Przemek Matecki
Julie Mehretu
Caroline Mesquita
Aernout Mik
Kirsi Mikkola
Richard Mosse
Andreas Mühe

Paul Pfeiffer
Laure Prouvost
Jessica Rankin
Erik Schmidt
Thomas Schütte
Peter Stauss
Maria Taniguchi
Janaina Tschäpe
Marianna Uutinen
Mark Wallinger
Emily Wardill
Ming Wong
Kailiang Yang


Marie Blanche Carlier, Owner
Ulrich Gebauer, Owner

Markgrafenstrasse, 67
Berlin, Germany
T: +49 30 24 00 863 0
F: +49 30 24 00 863 33