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Moscow, Russia

Bakhyt Bubikanova, Grass, 2016, Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Artwin Gallery

Artwin Gallery’s main objectives are to create a platform for dialogue between artists from different countries and generations and promote contemporary Russian art both at home and abroad. The gallery’s bold approach to curating and exhibition-making, participation in multiple international exhibitions, fairs and biennales and in-depth understanding of the art market in Russia and CIS countries as well as activities in the Middle East and Central Asia allow the gallery to create outstanding projects. Artwin Gallery also helps foster the growth of contemporary art through series of lectures and round table discussions featuring art world professionals.


Bakhyt Bubicanova
Ustina Yakovleva


Said Atabekov
Vladimir Chernyshev
Artem Filatov
Polina Kanis
Olga Kisseleva
Alexey Korsi
Olya Kroytor
Almagul Menlibaeva
Gulnur Mukazhanova
Dima Rebus
Anya Titova


Mariana Guber-Gogova, Founder

Bolshaya Dmitrovka 7/5
Moscow, Russia
T: +79031383138