Aicon Gallery

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New York, USA

Rasheed Aareen, MILAAP, 2016, Wood and Paint, 81.28×172.72×81.28cm, Courtesy of the Artist and Aicon Gallery

Aicon Gallery’s vision begins in the Indian Sub-continent but reaches outwards internationally. The gallery space in New York provides a unique platform for South Asian artists to exhibit in the United States. Along with in-depth, focused solo shows, the galleries present a programme of curated group exhibitions that are international in their scope and ambition. With critical exhibitions of work by emerging and contemporary South Asian artists, one of Aicon’s primary goals is to create a space for dialogue and cross-collaboration between the arts of India, Pakistan, and the West.


Anila Quayyum Agha
Rasheed Araeen
Rashid Koraïchi
Adeela Suleman
Adeel Uz Zafar


Ashish Avikuntak
Natvar Bhavsar
G.R. Iranna
Abir Karmakar
Ram Kumar
Anjolie Ela Menon
Rekha Rodwittiya
Abdullah M.I Syed
Salman Toor


Harry Hutchison, Director

35 Great Jones Street
New York, USA
T: +1 212 725 6092

F: +1 212 725 6096