Student Group Visits

  • Schools and Universities group enjoy free access to the fair upon advance registration.
  • Individual students visiting the fair also enjoy free access upon showing a valid school/university I.D. during the public days
  • Minimum group visit request is 10 students
  • Maximum group visit request is 30 not more than 250 students per given hour
  • For large groups please split the group into smaller groups of up to 15 students while moving around the fair.
  • Supervision is required at all times for group visit with a ratio of 1 chaperone per 15 students.
  • Please note that for schools, we are only admitting grade 7 and above for school visits, for younger students they are advised to join along with their families for the activities of the children’s programs, more info can be found here

Days and Times

Thursday March 16th: 4 – 9.30pm

Friday March 17th:  2 – 9.30pm

Saturday March 18th: 12 – 6:30pm‪

Transport and Parking

We advise groups to arrive at the fair at least 15 minutes before your allotted tour time

Parking is very limited

Your Arrival at Art Dubai

  • School Groups enter via Souk Madinat Entrance, Souk Madinat entrance, the first round about on the right side
  • Main Chaperone can proceed to the nearest welcome desk and provide the staff with their name and school/university name
  • Chaperone(s) can proceed to the welcome desk to pick up their invitations, and collect students badges that will allow them to go around the fair.
  • The main chaperone will have to leave their driving license/Emirates ID at the welcome desk to pick up the badges. At the end of the tour they will have to return the students badges to pick up their ID.
  • A member of the Art Dubai team will guide you to your starting point in the fair. Groups will begin at different staring points in order to avoid congestion in the galleries.

Galleries Etiquette

  • Photography without flash is permitted in the general collection only.
  • Please make sure your mobile phones and electronic devices are on silent in the galleries.
  • All groups are asked to remain no longer than 15 minutes in front of any artwork and are prepared to move on if request by Art Dubai staff.
  • To avoid congestion, please visit in small, staggered groups and ensure students are supervised at all times.

Gallery Rules

  • Please deter your students/children from touching art works in the gallery halls
  • Do not run or shout in the galleries
  • No leaning against walls or plinths
  • No eating or drinking in the galleries


  • There are common areas where students can sit and sketch if they wish
  • Sketching permitted with dry materials such as: pencils, graphite sticks, fine-tipped pens, wax crayons, conté and charcoal pencils (must be wood or plastic encased), oil pastels encased in paper.
  • Not permitted: loose dry materials including charcoal and pastels, soft oil pastels and oil paint sticks, all paints and other wet materials and permanent markers.

Food & Beverages

  • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the galleries
  • There are many dining options at the fair and at Souk Madinat Jumeirah close by

Health and safety statement for visiting groups to Art Dubai fair

  • Art Dubai is the leading international art fair in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The fair takes place every March in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Art Dubai takes place in Madinat Jumeirah and abides by all the health and safety regulations imposed by Jumeirah Group Hotels following legislation of the Local Authority.





Contact Education at Art Dubai:

009714 563 1403