FILM 2013

Art Dubai Film is a programme of video and film by and about artists. Besides artists’ video shown in the gallery booths, our not-for-profit programme includes a cinema space at the fair each March, featuring programmes created by guest curators and collaborators.


Artists’ films included

In 2013, The Hatch was curated by artist Maha Maamoun and featured programmes of work by three artists: Ali Cherri, Hassan Khan, and Anri Sala. From proposals sent by Art Dubai’s participating galleries, Maamoun selected the artists based on the strength and singularity of their works. This disparate grouping of films was tangentially linked by how they pick at nerves, words and chords: a musical score recalls a musical score, or drowns out every other sound, echoing a rising tension, and short-circuiting a conversation; a conversation cancels out all other audible sound and fleshes out the minutiae of daily interpersonal power games; and power will try to subvert a city, a body, an image, or a radio-transmission of Fairuz singing.

Each day of the fair The Hatch showcased a different artist, although all selected videos were accessable via at viewing stations adjacent to the Hatch. The films were also screened in collaboration with not-for-profit contemporary artspace The Pavilion Downtown Dubai.