Art Dubai After Dark

Art Dubai After Dark is a unique music programme, located on Fort Island, in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah.

Join these inspirational international and local DJs at the coolest venue in town, against the backdrop of our 2019 commission SOLAROCA by OPAVIVARÁ!, a work which recreates a beach-like environment under the shade of an oca (Brazilian indigenous house). Mingle and exchange in intercultural dialogues with musical sounds sourced from around the world, including Latin, Middle-Eastern and African beats.

Art Dubai After Dark is free to attend but it is essential to register/RSVP. Read more about what each night will offer and register below. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the celebrations once the sun goes down.


Curated by NTS Radio


Headliner: Alexander Nut with Zakia, focusing on Latin sounds.

Curated by NTS Radio, Tuesday night presents Alexander Nut and Zakia Sewell. The independent online radio station have curated a musical lineup which mirrors the fair’s programming focus on the Global South.

Alexander Nut has made a name for himself as one of the UK’s most diverse and influential DJs. Having honed his skills at London’s legendary Plastic People nightclub, the highly respected DJ’s unique vision has seen him play to some of the finest dancefloors across the globe. His expansive taste and knowledge draws heavily on influences from house, Latin, soul, hip-hop, jazz, afrobeat, reggae and funk.

Zakia Sewell is a London-based audio producer, radio host and DJ. She produces audio documentaries for BBC Radio 4, the World Service and Boiler Room alongside presenting a weekly radio show called Questing on NTS Radio, covering jazz, soul, folk, experimental, dub and psychedelic.


Curated by NTS Radio


Headliner: Nabihah Iqbal with Zezi, focusing on African sounds.

Curated by NTS Radio, Tuesday night presents Nabihah Iqbal and Zezi Ifore. The independent online radio station have curated a musical lineup which mirrors the fair’s programming focus on the Global South.

Nabihah Iqbal, formerly known as Throwing Shade, released her debut album “Weighing of the Heart” in December 2017. Taking her sound in a different direction from the music she was making as Throwing Shade, Nabihah puts a focus on live instrumentation, charting the waters where dance music and pop meet.

Zezi Ifore is a broadcaster and DJ from London who has been playing in clubs for over a decade. After forming the DJ collective, The Coconut Twins and touring with M.I.A. in 2007, she is perhaps best known as the DJ and radio host behind the celebrated Palm Wine Club show on NTS Radio, which specialises in afrobeats, hip-hop, dancehall and R’n’B.




Headliner: Female First Sessions x Satwa 3000, focusing Middle Eastern sounds

Female first sessions is a platform created to celebrate women in the music industry and showcases the diverse talent from within the Middle East and beyond. Satwa 3000 is a Swiss art collective based in the UAE which since 2015 has been remixing the sights and sounds of the real Dubai. They will be joined by music pioneer Marco Weibel of Darker Than Wax (Lot Radio NYC).




Headliner: HRMNY focusing on RnB and hip-hop sounds

WVY is a music pop-up party hosted by the boys from HRMNY. This event is catered to people who enjoy discovering new music across RnB and hip hop. Expect surprise performances by some of the top tier artists in the region.